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About Bats

Players are not required to purchase a bat to play in the league. York City Little League will provide Little League-approved bats for players to use during practice and games. If a player purchases a bat, it must be Little League-approved in order to be used during practice and games. 

To ensure fair and safe play, York City Little League abides by the bat rules of Little League International.

Bats used during play must be “a smooth, rounded stick and made of wood or of material and color tested and proved acceptable to Little League standards.”

York City Little League only permits bats up to thirty-three (33) inches in length and no more than two and one-quarter (2 1/4) inches in diameter.

Composite bats are prohibited unless approved by Little League International. View the list of approved and licensed composite bats. Composite bats are a type of bat in which the handle and barrel of the bat are comprised of a composite or Fiberglas-like material. A bat with any composite material in the barrel, exclusive of the end cap, is considered a composite bat.

More information about bat types is available here.

We encourage all players, coaches and parents to familiarize themselves with bat rules and policies before purchasing a bat or participating in the league.

A complete guide can be found here.